When it comes to your business – whether a restaurant, bar or retail shop, opting for custom made neon signs is far better than a 2D sign that can easily get lost amongst the array of other signs cluttering building front. And while it is essential to have a sign custom made for your business – your business is unique, and no bog-standard sign will do for all businesses – there are other benefits for opting for neon.

Why Only Have One Sign?

With such vibrancy from these neon signs, why only opt for just one? Neon signs and their applications are limitless. Not only can you custom make a large, glorious sign for your business front, but you go can bolder and beyond. As wall features and mood lighting, customized signs can be used as signs for toilets, directions, logos, diners, branding, products, and we could go on.


Yes, Yes, The History Is Great But The Benefits Are Better!

Following its discovery in 1898, move past four years and neon gas transformed into something so much more thanks to a French engineer. Gas was sealed into a glass tube and Voila – the first neon lamp was brought to life. Then, industrial quantities of neon were produced, and neon signs were created. The rest is history, but the benefits are ever so present. 

As the dominate outdoor advertising option, neon signs have continued to captivate audiences since the first neon sign was lit up in 1921 in Paris. Ever since then, business owners have continued to enjoy all the benefits that come with custom made neon signs.

  • Brightness:

    When so many signs clog building fronts, your sign needs to stand out from the rest. So, to stand out, your sign needs to be bright. And no sign is brighter than neon.
  • Energy efficiency:

    The energy consumption of neon is minimal, which means your business electricity costs will be less.
  • Longevity:

    Neon signs burn without degradation for up to an astonishing 15 years and seldom require replacement or maintenance. Environmental impact, with these signs, is low, and this is a great thing.
  • High Appeal:

    Extending a warm welcome to customers, messages on neon signs are easily conveyed to targeted audiences.
  • Customizable:

    Easily customized into different numbers, letters, symbols, sizes, colours and shapes, creativity and customizability with neon signs is endless.
  • Clear Visibility:

    Noticed from miles away, bright and colourful neon signs grab audiences attention from far. Never dull, never appearing hazed.
  • Affordable:

    Neon signs are fortunately less expensive than other forms of advertising.
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